Terms of Service

Health and Welfare

  1. While pets are in our care, health, safety and welfare are out primary concern. Meaning all measures will be made to ensue your pet has a safe and positive experience.
  2. To ensure your pets has a safety, it is important that the owner informs the groomer of all health conditions, behaviour problems and/or allergies a pet may have prior to their grooming appointment.
  3. The grooming procedure will only be carried out according to their tolerance of the process. If a pet is extremely distressed and uncomfortable, the groom may be terminated, and you will be contacted for collection. We can then look at alternative methods or multiple appointments to complete the grooming if applicable. Payment will still be due in full. 
  4. Grooming may expose underlying skin or health conditions which pet owners may not already be aware of. The owner will be notified and advised to seek veterinary advice. Cut & Cuddles cannot be held liable for any pre-existing conditions found on pets.
  5. Although extremely unlikely, accidents can happen when working with sharp equipment and quick moving animals. There is always a risk that an injury could occur, even though every measure is taken to ensure this doesn’t happen. Any known injuries will be made known to the pet owner.
  6. In the event of a serious accident or medical emergency during a pet’s grooming session, the owner will authorise us to seek emergency veterinary attention; all costs in connection with this will be at the owner’s expense.
  7. Under the guidance of The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) and the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, we do not offer ear plucking or anal gland expression. If we notice anything abnormal on your pet during the grooming session, we can only advise to seek veterinary attention and will make no diagnosis or advise treatment.

Cancellation Policy

  1. We respectfully request as much notice as possible if you cannot attend your appointment. We require at least 48-24 hours’ notice so that your slot can then be offered to another client.
  2. Late cancellation (under 24 hours) or no-shows may incur a fee that must be paid before you can reschedule an appointment. Failure to arrive within 15minutes of your appointment will be considered a missed appointment and you will have to reschedule your appointment and pay applicable fees.
  3. A first missed appointment/late cancellation will incur a fee of 50% of the price of the groom which is due before another appointment can be made.
  4. A second missed appointment/late cancellation will incur a fee of 100% of the price of the groom which is due before another appointment can be made.
  5. Missing a total of 3 appointments without notifying us at least 24 hours before the groom may result in a discontinuation of all future services.

De-matting/Shave Policy

  1. Our grooming charge does not include the extra time and equipment wear that comes with de-matting a pet’s coat. De-matting is a procedure that is limited to 15 minutes maximum to prevent the pet from suffering and can only be done if matting is minimal. An extra charge will incur for these 15 minutes of extra time.
  2. De-matting a pet that is severely matted, elderly, aggressive or has any other reason we deem unfit for de-matting causes extreme stress and discomfort as well as being inhumane and unsafe for both the pet and, at times, the groomer. In accordance with The Animal Welfare Act 2006 (clause 5 – Animals are to be protected from pain, injury and suffering) we will not attempt to de-matt a pet that we deem unfit to be de-matted.
  3. It is unfair and uncomfortable for a pet to be kept matted so if de-matting is not possible, it is our policy is to shave the coat off completely and restart a healthier coat growth. This not only prevents your pet suffering, but it also refreshes the coat to be correctly managed. In the instance that your pet is found to be matted during our grooming session, you will be contacted, made aware and asked to sign a shave form. A complete shave down will be a temporary drastic change to the appearance of your pet, but it is important to remember that it is the kindest thing you can do for your pet and the hair will grow back.
  4. If a coat must be clipped off to release matting, Cut & Cuddles LTD are not liable for any post groom effects of this procedure, which is not without risk. Clipping off a coat that has been severely matted will completely change your pet’s appearance and may uncover pre-existing skin conditions or issues such as Haematomas caused by the tight matting.
  5. Elderly pets or pets with health conditions may be more at risk to injury from the de-matting/shave down process due to thinner or problematic skin. Elderly pets or pets with injuries, illness or health conditions may need to see a vet prior to their appointment and the outcome of that will need to be considered before we decide what is best to do.
  6. A shave down of a matted coat will consume significantly more time, labour and wear and tear to equipment than a routine groom so will therefore incur an extra charge payable on collection.
  7. De-matting/shaving off matted coats causes extra stress. We reserve the right to refuse service/terminate the groom if a pet begins to show aggressive behaviour that puts the pet and staff at risk. See 1.3 and section 4.

Behaviour: Aggressive and Poorly Socialised Dogs (The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, amended 2014)

  1. Cut & Cuddles LTD reserves the right to refuse service to any pet at risk of harming itself or staff. 
  2. We must be informed prior to a grooming appointment if a pet has any history of displaying aggressive behaviour or biting. Failure to provide this information may result in refusal of further service. 
  3. If a pet is accepted for grooming and begins to display aggression, which we were not made aware of prior to the appointment. The groom will be terminated, and the owner will be contacted for collection. In this case, full payment for the appointment will be charged. 
  4. The pet’s owner’s attention is directed towards The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, amended 2014. This act holds the pet’s guardian liable for any bite or injuries caused by their pets. 
  5. We must be notified if a pet is poorly socialised, nervous, dog aggressive, highly reactive or consistently barks. We work on a 1-1 basis and can ensure that dog aggressive pets can be kept away from any other dog during their groom appointment. We operate in a residential area, so it important that we are aware of loud or reactive dogs so we can ensure the noise levels are controlled.
  6. In the instance of poorly socialised or nervous pet, we may suggest a plan to build up a tolerance to grooming, as well as a relationship with the groomer to ensure your pet has a positive experience. This plan may include weekly sessions with little to no grooming procedures at first, for desensitisation. This would hopefully build up to a full groom based on tolerance. See 1.3.

Grooming Schedules 

  1. We are committed to learning and understanding every pet’s individual needs, the owners preferred grooming style, building a relationship with both the pet and the owner and earning the pet’s trust. This requires long term commitment, time and patience as this will not happen after just one session. Because of this, we will only accept regular clients on a 4–12-week schedule (depending on the breed and maintenance required).  
  2. Nervous dogs require more time and patience to build up their trust and tolerance, so will require a committed schedule and may require additional relaxed sessions to build up a relationship with the groomer. See 4.6.
  3. Clients who regularly book in advance will be provided with priority for appointment slots. 
  4. After your pets first appointment, you will be advised on the most suitable schedule for the pet’s owner, the pets’ coat maintenance or lifestyle or to address issues relating to anxiety, stress or intolerance of grooming. This will be agreed upon and pre-booked.
  5. Commitment will be required from the pet’s owner to keep up coat maintenance at home between professional grooms. This includes keeping the coat clean and regular brushing to ensure the coat does not become matted. If the owner cannot maintain the coat properly, we can discuss maintenance appointments between regular grooms or a change to schedule to help with the upkeep. See section 3.


  1. Though we have starting prices that are specific to each breed, prices can vary considerably for many different factors including size, coat type, coat condition, coat length, style required, behaviour, time needed and temperament. We will not be able to give you a guaranteed price until we have worked with the dog and understand the work needed. 
  2. Pets that are on a regular grooming schedule with us (between 4-10 weeks) will be easier to maintain and therefore will result in the price of the groom being consistent and cost less.
  3. Pets that are maintained well at home between professional grooming (brushed well and knot free) can expect the price to be consistent and cost less. 
  4. Owners can reasonably expect the cost of their pet’s grooms to be more than that starting price for;
    1. Matted, poorly maintained or overgrown coats that have not been maintained at home or groomed regularly. 
    2. Overweight pets or pets who are larger than the breed standard.
    3. Increase in time, labour and/or products needed. 
    4. Time between appointments. The greater the time between appointments, the more it will cost. The less time between appointments, the less it will cost. 


  1. Full payments for appointments will be taken upon collection of your pet or can be accepted prior to the grooming appointment. 
  2. We can only accept cash or bank transfer payments.
  3. Payments for terminated appointments is still due in full at the time of collection. See 1.3 and 4.3.
  4. All matted shave down costs are due at the time of collection. See 3.6.
  5. All fees are due before another appointment can be made. See section 2, section 9 and section 10.
  6. Refusal/failure to provide payment for grooming and/or fees will result in an immediate discontinuation of all future services.
  7. We reserve the right to not offer refunds for services we have provided.

Double Coats 

  1. We do not recommend and therefore will not shave any double coated breeds for the following reasons;
    1. A double coat acts as insulation for the dog, keeping them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also protects against sunrays and sunburn.
    2. Shaving a double coat can cause ‘coat funk’ where the hair grows back patchy, different lengths and sparse (bald) in some places. It can take up to 2 years for the topcoat to grow back. 
    3. Shaving does not prevent shedding and puts the dog at risk or sunburn, heatstroke, frostbite and hypothermia. 
  2. In extreme cases where shaving is recommended by a veterinarian (due to age, illness or neglect), shaving may be deemed kinder and necessary. We will need to see a vet report and are happy to discuss this with you in order to proceed solely at our discretion. 

Parasites and Contagious illnesses

  1. It is entirely at the pet owners’ risk if their pet is unvaccinated and not treated with flea and worm treatments. Cut & Cuddles cannot be held liable for any condition a dog picks up that they could have had preventative treatment for. It is the responsibility of the pet owner and their veterinarian to provide a safe level of protection for their pet. 
  2. If a pet is found to have parasites on arrival, they will immediately be sent home and payment for the terminated appointment will still be due.  
  3. If no parasites are initially found on arrival but become present during the appointment, pets will either be treated with a flea shampoo, or the groom may be terminated. Payment will still be due and an extra charge for any treatments will be charged. 
    1. Flea shampoo will not protect the pet from any fleas they are in contact with after the groom.
  4. Bringing a pet in that has parasites or contagious diseases in risks contamination of the entire salon and risks exposure to any other pets entering the salon. The entire salon may need to be treated and decontaminated which is expensive and will incur and extra fee added to your appointment. 
  5. If we must close the salon for cleaning and to prevent infection, an extra fee will be charged to you to make up for missed appointments. 

Quicked Nails

  1. The nail has a blood supply/vein called a quick. The quick grows with the nail so if the nail is long, the quick will be long too. On dark or longer nails it can be hard to judge where the quick ends so when nail clipping the quick can easily get caught and will bleed. This is a very common mishap and almost never needs veterinary attention. 
    1. If a quick is cut, it will be treated in the salon by applying a coagulant to stop the bleeding. 
    2. It is important we are aware about pets with blood clotting disorders such as vWD, as their bleeding may not stop, and even small wounds will require veterinary attention. 
    3. If a quick is cut, we will advise you to avoid walking on concrete for up to 24 hours after to prevent bleeding again. 
    4. If the nail does start to bleed again at home, the following can be applied to stop the bleeding; cornflour, sugar, running the nail through a wet bar of soap and keeping the pet calm and relaxed. If you have issues, we will be happy to give you advice.

Dogs Unsuitable to Groom

  1. Grooming of sick or elderly dogs is entirely at the pet owner’s risk. If their condition worsens or we see any reason we may need terminate the groom, you will be contacted for collection immediately. Cut & Cuddles cannot be held liable for pre-existing issues that may worse under the stress of grooming. Full payment for the appointment is still due. 
  2. We will not accept pregnant bitches in for grooming as it can be dangerous and result in the termination of the pregnancy. Dogs will have to wait until the puppies have been weaned for her appointment. 


  1. We work on a one-to-one basis by appointment only. We kindly ask you to ensure you are on time for your appointment. Being more than 15 minutes late without informing us before will result in a missed appointment fee. See section 2
  2. You will be contacted 15 minutes before collection, please be on time for collection as this could disrupt other clients’ appointments. Being more than 15 minutes late for collection will result in a holding fee that will go up for every 15 minutes late. Please let us know if you will be late for collection as we understand this happens from time to time. 
  3. Most grooming appointments will take 1-3+ hours depending on the individual dog. We kindly ask you not to show up at the salon before you have been contacted for collection as this may disrupt the groom and increase the time it may take. We are also not insured for you to wait inside the salon for your pet, so if you show up early you will be required to wait outside/in your vehicle.


  1. Under the Malicious Communications Act 1998, Cut & Cuddles will not accept nor tolerate any harassment, slander, malicious falsehood or defamation via social media outlets relating to a groom due to coats that have been neglected or not properly maintained or miscommunication. 
  2. If the pet owner is unsatisfied with the service we have provided, we encourage you to contact us, preferably within 2 days of the groom, and we will do everything in our power to resolve the issue. 
  3. Cut & Cuddles LTD reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who repeatedly brings in neglected pets or is verbally and/or physically abusive to anyone on the premises, including their own pets. 


  1. We collected your data including the owners’ names, addresses and contact information as well as the pets name, information, registered veterinary practice and medical information. 
  2. We use the data; in cases of a medical emergency, to contact pet owners for bookings, collection, to notify them of news and in cases we need to contact them during s groom. 
  3. We store data in a locked cabinet or on a password protected computer. Photos and videos are taken on a password protected mobile phone. 

Our Commitment 

  1. We are a fully insured salon that invests in high quality equipment and products. 
  2. Our groomer holds a City & Guilds level 2 & 3 qualification in dog grooming and a C&G diploma in animal care. We are also first aid trained and hold 3 years’ experience working with animals. 
  3. We are passionate about what we do and see this as more than just a job. We like to constantly challenge ourselves to enhance existing and learn new skills with new techniques and methods to improve the quality of our grooms and therefore deliver the best results properly. 
  4. We will always keep up to date with new equipment, laws and qualifications to give your pets the best experience while in our care. 
  5. We hold no higher priority than to promote a safe, secure and positive experience for all our clients. 
  6. We take salon hygiene very seriously and will only provide a clean and sanitised environment for clients. All equipment, tools and workspace are thoroughly disinfected between each appointment.